Improve Office 365 Productivity and Achieve Cloud Data Security

September 21, 2016: 10.00 AM PT | 1.00 PM ET

Employees want the freedom to access the applications and data they need on whatever PC or device they choose—whether at the office, at home, or on the road. Because of this, many organizations have invested in Microsoft Office 365.

However, most of the organizations we speak with are not fully utilizing their Office 365 purchase and are unaware of their security options for sensitive data in the cloud.

While Microsoft Office 365 comes with a variety of data security options, sometimes they do not meet all of an organization’s requirements. Even features like BYOK and Customer Lockbox may not address advanced cloud security use cases.


During this webinar you'll learn how Arth Systems in conjunction with Vaultive’s Cloud Data Security Platform can play an important role in:


1)         Increasing productivity (Activity gets you busy but productivity makes you free!)

2)         Securing Office 365 data by:

           Encrypting your data before cloud exposure

           Giving your team complete control over your encryption keys

           Preserving application functionality and user experience