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Every critical business process is supported by document and data flow processes. At Arth System, we approach this as an integration of Collaboration, Information & Access management, Robust Storage & Retrieval Solutions and Appropriate Archiving Schemas.

With storage solutions getting cheaper by the day, we are creating huge amounts of data every single moment. All this data keeps increasing in amount, instead of getting periodically deleted. Generally, businesses have their data spread across multiple locations such as emails, local folders, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, Google Docs and other cloud solutions. Much of the processes meant to utilize this data is manual and tracked using Excel sheets, One Note to-do lists, Calendar reminders, etc.

Now, think for a moment if you’ve ever faced a problem similar to the ones listed below, which cost your business some serious loss.

  • Missing deadlines for business contracts.
  • Company-data being spread in an unorganized fashion, with dauntingly repetitive and intensive manual processes available as the only option to organize them.
  • Compliance issues.
  • Additional costs due to lack of efficiency and productivity.

We hold many years’ worth of experience in identifying and prioritizing change management aligned towards optimizing your internal operations and business results. Our expertise has helped our clients optimize their manual processes by automating them.

Whether your business requirements are best served by a custom SharePoint solution or Dynamics CRM that may be tied to your database or ERP solution, we have the Business Process Management (BPM) and engineering expertise to meet your needs.

Our achievements

  • For a mid-size manufacturing company, we automated their emails to simplify their IT processes using Office365.
  • For a small IT consulting business, we migrated their Google mail to Office 365.
  • For a large university offering more than 100 programs, spread over 9 campuses, we automated their health-care and insurance workflow using a HIPAA compliant solution.
  • For a small chamber of commerce locally, setup complete governance to automate their business workflows to efficiently use SharePoint online under Office 365.